Monday, January 31, 2011

New Dates!

Here are some dates we just added to our calendar...Stay posted for more! Along with our normal haunts throughout WV and the Appalachian region, we are gearing up for a springtime tour to DC & NYC, as well as an autumn return to Easter Island for our 5th wedding anniversary...more details to come!

2/12- Noon: Mountain State Brewing Company (Deep Creek Lake)
2/12- 9PM: Mountain State Brewing Company (Thomas, WV)
2/18- 6PM: Whitegrass Cafe (Davis, WV)
2/23- 7 PM: El Gran Sabor (Elkins, WV)
3/16- 7 PM: El Gran Sabor (Elkins, WV)
3/19- 6 PM: Whitegrass Cafe (Davis, WV)
4/15- 7PM: El Gran Sabor (Elkins, WV)
4/17- 8PM: The Wonderland Ballroom (Washington DC)
4/24- 8 PM: Banjo Jim's (NYC)
5/14- 9PM: Hippies for Hunger Festival (RiverRocks, Ellamore, WV)
6/4- 2PM: Tamarack Appalachian Arts & Music Festival (Beckley, WV).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recording, Recording, Recording

We are currently knee deep in work on our debut album, due out in the Spring. It's a long process, one in which you over-analyze the same 10 seconds of any particular song, listening for sharpness, flatness, missed words, disrupted rhythms, not to mention what should come up, what should be turned down, and the like.  All that being so, it's very informative and fun. 

Recording is taking place at Zone 8 in Granville (Morgantown), owned by the remarkably awesome Mark Poole (Big time MoTown musician who plays with Moon, and many many more.) Mark has been great, not only about applying his expertise to our record, but also about letting us geek out over all his awesome equipment.

One of the best things about Mark's studio is the fact that it feels home-y, and by that, I mean it is a house.  Complete with bathroom vocal booth, a bed in the mixing room, a perennially switched on coffee pot, and the feeling of comfort, as though you're just hanging out with friends, making a record.  All these elements add warmth to the final cut. That, of course, and the ADAT tape deck that the tracks are recorded on. Analog, baby. 

We've laid down seven tracks so far, with plans for a final one coming together rapidly, aiming to keep the our established duo sound, while filling things out for recording purposes.  Young Funk Sung drummer, good friend, and all-around badass individual Jared Roy joins us on most tracks, and the phenomenal Phil Wiggins laid down a few with us, which is majorly exciting. 

Loose release date is springtime.  More info will be available closer to the release

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The Mojo is all over the world and the Interwebs these days.  

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Rovinj, Croatia

at The Adelphia Music Hall (Marietta, OH)

The Sprouting Grass Festival, WV

Perest, Montenegro

Washington DC