Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We've had a busy, wonderful couple of months, not to mention, an even busier, more ridiculously wonderful last couple of weeks.

Firstly, we have purchased, and almost entirely moved into, our first house: a beautiful yellow-brick home in glorious South Elkins.  Glorious, of course, meaning that we no longer live next to arson kids and death-threat guy, but instead next to nice old women who look like the type that will bake you pies.  Here are the new digs....obviously taken a few months ago when we were still enveloped in snowy awesomeness.

We've also been putting the finishing touches onto our first album, to be entitled "Cold Holler".  With only one tune left to record ("People Say", which will need horns and drums, beyond just us), all that remains is tweaking levels, mixing, mastering and finally packaging, etc.  We have the great fortune of having a fantastic artist friend (Michael Doig) who is painting an original piece for our cover art....amazing.  Can't wait until it is all said and done and we have our album.

We've been on and off the road the last few weeks, first to our nation's capital, than onto NYC.  Stopped a million and a half little places in between too, to shop and eat, and play some tunes.  Here is "Last Fair Deal" from the Wonderland Ballroom in DC's Columbia Heights...good stuff.

Good times! More videos to come!