Monday, July 25, 2011

Upcoming video- "Never Seen the Devil"

We had the pleasure of meeting Jared Thompson and Aaron Kuhn of Thompson Video Production while working for the West Virginia Governor's School for the Arts this summer.  After Blackwater Mojo played a performance for the students during the faculty showcase, Jared made the suggestion that we should make a music video.  I don't know if he was expecting us to take him up on it immediately, but we did. 

Withing 24 hours, Seth, Jared, Aaron and I had come up with a concept and a date for our first shoot, a sort of underground Victorian hipster club feel to be shot here on D&E's campus during Augusta Heritage Center's infamous Blues Week. (Plus, shooting on blues week meant that the legendary Phil Wiggins, who recorded on the album track with us, could be in the video, as well as many other beautiful and awesome folks who come up for blues week every year)

Here are some good photographic shots from the shoot. 

We have one more shoot to go, in Thomas WV, which will have a bit more of a story to it.  

Thanks (of course) go to Jared Thompson & Aaron Kuhn of Thompson Video Production, as well as Phil Wiggins (harmonica) and Jared Roy (Drums) for sharing their talents with us on the album and in the video, and our absolutely unbelievably fucking beautiful collection of guest stars:  Rob & Derdlim Masten, Spinner O'Flaherty, Kat Barnett, Stan Hirsch, Vince Trimboli, Kelly Roidt, Diana Vera, Connie Linger, Andrew Guterman, Ian Walters, Joy Arico, Captain T, and Adrienne Sherrill. 

Also: thanks to Davis & Elkins College security & Melanie Campbell for letting us use the space (the library in Halliehurst, if anyone was wondering)


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