Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New show dates!

This live footage was shot by Jared Thompson & Aaron Kuhn of Thompson Video Productions.  They're the ones working on the music video of this same tune.  Pretty cool stuff.  This was taped at the Faculty Showcase for the WV Governor's School for the Arts, where Seth acted as the Instrumental Music Instructor.  Below are some of our upcoming dates for late summer/early fall.  More to come!

8/3/11- El Gran Sabor- Elkins, WV
8/13/11- The Sound Factory- Charleston, WV (this is actually our sister-band Young Funk Sung) Opening for Rasta Rafiki!
8/14/11- Mountain State Brewing Company- Thomas, WV- Blackwater Mojo opening for Rasta Rafiki!
8/20/11- Mountain State Brewing Company- McHenry, MD
9/24/11- Wedding (Private)- Arlington, VA
9/25/11- The Wonderland Ballroom- Washington, DC

Starting to fill out more of August/September, however I imagine most of it will be spend in the final stages of production on Cold Holler (our first studio album).  
More Later.

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